Re-Opening Soon

As readers may know, the website has been closed since 18th February whilst I had a triple heart bypass. After some time in intensive care, I’m now home from hospital and recovery has begun. I’m now strong enough to dress, wash and eat by myself and getting stronger each day.

Still significantly in pain and restricted in what I can do, I’m taking ‘baby steps’ and resting up removing stress. As such this page remains closed for now. However, the plan is to re-open the main news page on Monday 21st March, which isn’t too far off. We’re still unable to reply to messages for now.

Blantyre Telegraph Supporters Group re-opened today for those wanting limited local daily news just now with all proceeds going to the British Heart Foundation.

Finally, thanks for your patience and understanding and for all your messages and best wishes. Missed you all and hope to be back soon.

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