Blantyre Telegraph Resumes today!

After our temporary closure these last 4 weeks, we’re thrilled to say we’re back today!

Did you miss us?! We look forward to bringing you all the daily news again, locally and regionally and hopefully you’re as pleased as we are to see the page up and running, operating again! On a personal note, my surgery went well and recovery is well underway and I’d like to say thanks for all the best wishes.

With our Live Chat, Remembrance & Celebrations, Lost Pets, Lost Property and Supporters Groups also now live again , we’re pleased to say its ‘business as usual’ for us from today. All messages will be answered in due course. We once again invite our huge network of businesses and individuals to submit their stories, news and messages as usual.

Thank you for your patience and understanding in recent weeks. Yeah! We’re back!


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