Dangers of Broken Glass

Broken bottles and glass can have a devastating effect on people’s pets – and can be a danger to everyone.

South Lanarkshire Council is reminding everyone to respect their communities and surroundings over the summer months. It comes at a time when a number of incidents of broken bottles being smashed on pavements deliberately in the Blantyre area have been reported.

Meet Flora the Golden Retriever (pictured above), who cut her paw on broken glass in a nature/wooded area nearby.

Her owner, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: “It was absolutely devastating to hear Flora crying out in agony when she stepped on the broken glass.

“It’s an area we use all the time and is popular with other dog walkers and families.

“I cannot believe people would be so thoughtless to just leave broken glass like this lying around. Thankfully Flora has now made a full recovery, but we were also left out of pocket because of the vet’s bill.”

Chair of the council’s Housing and Technical Resources Committee, Councillor Davie McLachlan, said: “It’s mindless disregard for others that can lead to consequences like this for innocent pet owners.

“Thankfully Flora’s injuries weren’t too serious, but other pets might not be so lucky. And of course, there is also the danger presented to young children, and indeed anyone, who may fall and cut themselves on glass just mindlessly discarded.

“As well as pets, broken glass can also harm other animals, so please, think of the damage you could be doing by not responsibly disposing of any glass items.”

Councillor McLachlan added: “It’s your community, your people and your space. So, let’s all enjoy it together.”

To report any anti-social behaviour issues please call 0800 389 1105 or email the team.

Alternatively, the police can be contacted on 101 for any anti-social behaviour issues or in an emergency call 999.

Look out for more stories on these topics in the View over the next few weeks.

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