Keep the Heid

‘Keep the Heid’ is a brand new men’s mental health group which encourages men of all ages to meet and share their own struggles with other like minded individuals.

Run from Blantyre Soccer Academy , the group engage in outdoor activities like walking, attending gigs, promoting togetherness, friendship and wellbeing.

Founding members Iain McMillan, David Rosling and Alan Crawford are hoping to reach out to men in need across Lanarkshire and beyond. Keep the Heid started off with seven members and is now seeing up to 30 men attending.

Jimmy Whelan, BSA Chairperson added: “We have an age range from 65 right down to 18 and it’s the boys at 18 you’re trying to pull in just now so that they don’t go down that pathway. We’ve actually had even younger boys come in with suicidal thoughts. The bravery that’s shown in these young boys talking to guys they don’t even know over their own families is astounding. Keep the Heid is an absolutely fantastic group. I’ve met some great friends through it and so have others and we all can’t wait for the next meeting.”

Keep the Heid meet every second Sunday from 2-4pm at Blantyre Soccer Academy. All welcome.


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