Emily’s Success & Medals

Swimming is a great sport for kids to keep active and meet new people.

For one of the young swimmers at Blantyre Swimming Club however, swimming is more than a hobby and for this girl who has been through so much in life already, is picking up a whole host of medals!

Emily is 11 years old and competes in the Transplant Games. For those that don’t know her, she is such a bubbly young lady and both her and her sister Zoe (9) battle away in the pool and have made some amazing friends at the Swimming Club.

Emily was born with biliary atresia. At 8 weeks old she had major surgery which failed. The only other option was a liver transplant. At age 6 months, her uncle donated over 20% of his liver to her. Her transplant took place in Leeds Hospital and since then she has incredibly attended 5 British Transplant Games and won 22 sporting medals!

The 2023 Games were held in Coventry where Emily competed in tennis (she won a silver medal), sports cup stacking (she won a bronze medal), 25m backstroke (she won a gold medal), 25m freestyle (she won a gold medal) and 25m breaststroke (she won a silver medal). She absolutely loves the transplant games and can’t wait to do some competing as part of Blantyre Swimming Club.

Emily joined Blantyre Swimming Club just under a year ago and her skills have greatly improved since. She is encouraged by Zoe, her kind sister and who also provides so much support.

Well done Emily (and Zoe)! Blantyre will be cheering you on at the next Games! Posted with permission.


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