Blantyre Telegraph can be bought on shelves

Blantyre Telegraph will now also be sold on shop shelves!
Announcing TWO brand new outlets to buy our newspaper.

It’s with much excitement and gratitude, that we’re pleased to announce TWO brand new, local permanent outlets have been secured today, for selling The Blantyre Telegraph. From this weekend, you will be able to buy Blantyre’s new newspaper ON THE SHELVES at Premier “Mo’s Convenience Store”, Coatshill and also at “Mo’s Family Shopper” on Main Street High Blantyre! The paper can be bought for just £1 at the till, with the full value of the sale going entirely to Blantyre Telegraph’s local good causes!! 

This important development solves our distribution problem, meaning a permanent outlet to buy the good causes paper in High and Low Blantyre, sold by a trusted and professional vendor. Of course our paper will still be available from Blantyre Library, RBOS and Jinxys as well as being able to be downloaded. We’re confident this will see sales of the paper soar, and subsequently the amount of good causes in Blantyre we can support. We thank Mo sincerely for his support and generosity.


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