Exclusive: Local lady’s kindness to strays

This is a tale of kindness that deserves to be shared.

Local lady Barbara Smith, her husband Derek Smith and their kids recently visited Rhodes for 2 weeks on their family holiday.

Barbara, being an animal lover whilst abroad was appalled at the amount of stray dogs, so neglected and uncared for and she made her mind up there and then to help.

Going to incredible efforts and up against “red tape” documentation, she endeavoured to rescue one of the dogs and paid for its passport, vet bills and flight home from Greece.

She managed to get Nysa rehomed here in the U.K. She also rescued a pointer who was found on a beach after having 8 still born pups. Daisy (the dog) also had a rare condition called Leishmania, a disease caused by Sandflies. Whilst on holiday, Barbara struggled to get anyone to take Daisy and eventually grew so attached to her that she has decided to bring her home to Scotland to join her own family!

After paying extensive vet bills to help get Daisy back to full health and organising a flight and passport, Daisy is scheduled to arrive at her new home this week and she couldn’t be more excited!

14895570_10154164745742983_1207878751_oSuzy Hunt, Barbara’s sister who shared this story with us added, “My sister has since done so much to raise money and awareness for the “Rhodes animal welfare society” and “Greek Animal Rescue” She really does have a heart of gold and I feel an article in the Blantyre Telegraph would help give her the credit she deserves and continue to boost awareness!”

Story shared by Barbara’s sister, Suzy Hunt with permission.
Photos Courtesy: Suzy Hunt


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