We’ve raised £10,000!

blantyre-telegraph-raisedI am exceptionally proud and pleased to announce a milestone has been reached today, 30th October 2016. Blantyre Telegraph, along with combines efforts of ‘sister website’, The Blantyre Project has now raised over £10,000 for local Blantyre good causes since fundraising began in January 2014!! An amazingly good result that has benefited many, many people in and around Blantyre.

Originally formed in 2011, both Blantyre Telegraph and Blantyre Project took a new direction in January 2014, when fundraising started with the intention of all proceeds going to local charities, deserving local individuals and to generally spread some goodwill and happiness to people in Blantyre who were perhaps having a difficult time.

61 marvellous causes have benefited from these efforts, with the total raised as of today standing at £10,028.43. Hosting charity events, the sales of the Blantyre Telegraph newspaper and of course the sales of Blantyre Project’s local history books was how this sum was raised.

Whilst the Blantyre Telegraph newspaper is currently postponed due to my work commitments elsewhere, incoming funds are now slower than usual, but charity events for further fundraising ARE planned! This includes a real exciting event about to be announced!

Blantyre Project’s decision in 2014 to put all profits into the fundraising pot, assisted greatly, with my books, although being in 13 different countries around the world, now provide a small monthly dividend that should see the chartable sum grow each and every month. (I take no profit from the sale of my books, but do ensure costs are covered at all times first).

You can see how all this money was spent, in a transparent manner here:


I would like to thank each and every person reading this who has ever put money into our collection tins, bought a Blantyre Telegraph Newspaper offline, or who has been buying the ever expanding volume of Blantyre Project books. It is YOU who have provided the funds to help all these people. You have helped and brought light into the lives of many people at dark times. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness and hope you will continue to support my efforts on both Blantyre Telegraph and Blantyre Project. Thanks.


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