Kirkton – Nae Festive Lights?

2014-hblantyreWell….this is embarrassing! You may have noticed at Kirkton, High Blantyre, the Christmas Tree near the graveyard has been up for over a week, yet still has not been lit yet!

Both this tree and the one at Stonefield Park were to be switched on last Sunday along with the Festive Street lights at both Glasgow Road and Main Street, but it seems the Council’s Lighting team have forgotten about this particular Christmas tree in High Blantyre! (The one in Low Blantyre lit as planned)

IMG_3442We’ve reported the fault to them this week and hope to see it sorted and this area sparkling again tomorrow. Both Council and Councillors are aware.

Meantime, hope you agree the brand new LED street lights at both High Blantyre and Low Blantyre look amazing and look much better than the older, dated neon ones we’ve all become so used to in recent decades.

Pictured: Kirkton Tree Christmas 2014.


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