Little Thomas Swan to the Rescue

Blantyre has a new firefighter in the making!

Little Thomas Swan who attends St Joseph’s Nursery was part of an exciting drama whilst away on holiday this week.

Thomas was staying at ‘Peebles Hydro’ with his family, when the fire alarm went off late in the evening. The full hotel was evacuated and Thomas and his family found themselves outside.

Despite being woken out his bed and rushed outside, 3 year old Thomas was fixated with the fire crews when they arrived and asked them if he could help them do their work!

Thankfully everything was ok at the hotel. It was just steam from a shower and after everything was checked over, the fire crews were more than happy to oblige with Thomas, offering him a seat in the back of the truck and asked him to help them with their paperwork!

He was over the moon and this was one of the highlights of his week away! Well done Thomas.


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