Sliproad Shocker

This was the dangerous scene today, Monday 2nd September 2019 just after midday as yet another driver drove up the wrong direction of the Expressway sliproad!

This is clearly still happening often and we can’t begin to describe how dangerous it is for everybody involved. Cars coming off the EK Expressway had to brake hard as a van driver desperately did a three point turn. They then became stationary obstacles to further cars behind, not to mention the initial danger to the van driver.

Works to improve this junction are planned, including revisions to markings and signage as well as the construction of directional islands. The council have implied these works are imminent, but frankly, it can’t come soon enough. Given that lives have already been lost on this Expressway, we will once again be writing to the council tonight to suggest that the planned improvements should be given immediate priority over all roads issues in Blantyre, providing collected evidence of ongoing danger.

A subject close to our heart and one we’ve campaigned for often, this latest incident is the 5th time this issue has been observed from reader’s photos and videos this year.

Have YOU spotted vehicles heading up the wrong way on High Blantyre or Low Blantyre sliproads?

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