Supporting Ella Rose

An important post. In September, all Blantyre Telegraph Supporters Subscriptions are going to a brave young Blantyre girl, to help make her life a little more comfortable.

Little Ella Rose who lives in the Village, hasn’t had the easiest start to life. She’s faced many tough obstacles in her first 3 years and has literally had to fight for her life on several occasions.

Ella Rose was born with some complex medical conditions and has since suffered brain damage as a complication from her third open heart surgery. This has resulted in her being diagnosed with a rare form of cerebral palsy. She can’t sit unaided and spends the majority of her time strapped into her chair or in her standing frame. 

Friends and family are hoping to raise money towards some equipment and therapies that will help improve her quality of her life. Blantyre Telegraph is in a unique position to help and we’ve pledged to donate all September subscriptions to Ella Rose.

This is where we need YOU!

You can upgrade to Supporter for just £1.79 / month, (stopping and starting anytime you want). You’ll instantly unlock all our additional articles, breaking news, alerts and much more and of course, you’re donating directly to this brave youngster. We’re hoping with some reader support, we can help provide funding assistance to make life easier for Ella Rose and her family.  

Ella Rose is a brave, beautiful, loving and happy little girl. Blantyre community, will you help? Are we united in this cause? Please click the Support Now Button below this post or this link:

Posted with permission of the family.

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