Anti Skid Surfacing

A few people have been asking why there’s patches of yellow surfacing on various Blantyre streets. Readers subscribing to our supporters group will know this already having posted about it a few weeks ago, but we’ll put the information on the free page here too.

Essentially, this is to make drivers aware that there’s a school nearby and to be more mindful of their speed. Within the school vicinity, 20mph road markings and yellow carriageway surfacing are in place along the school frontage, not only to remind drivers about the school location but also their speed. Yellow backed 20mph signage has also been installed at both approaches to the school to highlight the mandatory 20mph. The surfacing is anti skid too offering additional safety for pedestrians.

The most recent schools to get this new surfacing are Calderside Academy, Auchinraith Primary School and St Josephs Primary, with the other Blantyre Schools already having this in place.


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