Save the Herald Clock – Aim

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Blantyre Project with assistance from fundraising at Blantyre Telegraph aims to ‘Save the Herald Clock’ by completely restoring it.

This is a monster job! The stone block weighs 0.3tonnes and was inside the Shuttle Row building with renovation work going on all around it. Safety was paramount, so we submitted risk and method statements for its removal from the site, saving it from planned demolition.

The task involved manoeuvring it through the building, out narrow doorways and up on a transport vehicle to take offsite for storage.

A proposal has been costed up to save the clock including:

  1. Safe transport from site
  2. Completely stripping it back to the stone
  3. Removing all ironwork and broken mechanisms
  4. Cleaning, drilling larger pockets to house new mechanisms
  5. Purchasing and installing a new face and clock mechanism.
  6. New ironwork facing
  7. Upgrading to be compatible with mains power.
  8. Weather Protection, new casing and finishes.
  9. Restoration of the plaque
  10. Consideration of final display location

The whole project will cost approximately £585, which we hope to raise during 2019 via donations and undertaking as much of the work ourselves as and when time permits. All being well, we hope to see the Herald Clock returned back to its glory.

Continued…..the History