Save the Herald Clock

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In 1941, a beautiful, large sandstone clock was donated by Mrs Janet Herald to the David Livingstone Centre in Blantyre.

Now 78 years later, the clock is abandoned inside Shuttle Row and has sadly fallen into considerable disrepair. Indeed, unfortunately, and, with lots of deliberation, the decision was taken by the David Livingstone Trust that the clock needs to be demolished and disposed of.

The decision was made according to the Museum’s Disposals Policy after the museum team assessed with care the condition of the clock. It is, unfortunately, beyond renovation. 

But there’s Hope……

After learning about this in June 2019, and knowing the Trust have no budget to deal with this particular issue, local heritage organisation, Blantyre Project and Blantyre Telegraph decided to step in, determined to preserve Blantyre’s Heritage and to save the Herald Clock.

Meeting twice with Contractors on site during July and after permission from Trust staff, ownership of the clock was transferred over to Blantyre Project with a view of removing the clock from the site for a complete overhaul from scratch. But at a third of a tonne, this wasn’t going to be easy….or cheap!

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