Blantyre Remembers

It’s remembrance Sunday and thoughts turn to those brave souls who gave their lives for our freedom. 

Today we remember not just those who died in 20th Century terrible conflicts, but also those who were left scarred terribly by the horrors of war. We remember not just the monumental loss of life but how it also affected families, loved ones, ordinary people back home.

Courtesy of Blantyre Project, this touching 4 minute movie is incredibly moving and special for our community. The photos are all Blantyre related and show just some of the soldiers who lost their lives in WW1. Peppered amongst them are photos of how Blantyre itself looked in those Edwardian, Wartime years. 

Finally, also are photos of the families, women and children left behind who lost husbands, uncles, fathers and brothers. They are in our thoughts today too, for after all, they were our ancestors. Set to a popular WW1 haunting hymn, we hope you agree this is a fitting tribute today.

Ordinary Blantyre folks, who were extraordinary on the battlefields

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