Lest We Forget

A reminder that the remembrance services are being held today at High Blantyre Cenotaph and at Auchentibber War Memorial.

With thanks to our Supporters Group, we’ve organised two beautiful wreaths on YOUR behalf and ours, which was made with care and attention by Blantyre craftswoman, Margaret Currie of, ‘Dreams to Themes Creations’.

These have now been placed at the War Memorial in High Blantyre and at Auchentibber, with the sentiment that on this remembrance day, no matter where you are in the world, the sentiment is from all 22,000 Blantyre Telegraph followers. 

As seen from our photos today, the Memorials are looking pristine, well kept and tended with thanks to South Lanarkshire Council. Paths edged, hedges and shrubbery trimmed and looking nicely decorated by volunteers.

Of course, today is all about remembering those who lost their lives in conflict, particularly the named men and women whose names are on our town’s War Memorials. We will remember their sacrifices.

Lest we Forget


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